credit: Carla Koenig
The Prairie Conservation Forum was established by the Government of Alberta in 1989 to convey Alberta's support and commitment to implementing the Prairie Conservation Action Plan (PCAP). The PCAPs are five year blueprints for conserving, protecting and managing native prairie and parkland species, communities and habitats, and was initiated by the World Wildlife Fund, Canada and the provincial governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta to offer a prairie-wide vision for the preservation of Canada's prairies. Alberta's PCAP is prepared by a committee of PCF members that represent government and non-government organizations in Alberta.

The Forum itself is a not-for-profit organization, whose members represent a voluntary coalition of around 50 organizations. These organizations include: agricultural groups, conservation groups, land and resource management organizations, federal and provincial agencies, local/regional authorities and service agencies, industry, academia, and individuals. These members are dedicated to advancing the goals outlined in the PCAP, and wherever possible, attend regular PCF meetings to share information, collaborate on projects, participate on PCF working committees, and contribute resources to advance the aims of the Forum.

  • "Recovery Strategies for Industrial Development in Native Prairie for the Northern Fescue Natural Subregion of Albertaā€¯ is now available on the Foothills restoration Forum (FRF) website, where you can also order a hard copy. » Read More
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  • Save the Date! The PCF spring meeting will be on Wednesday, June 28 from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm at the Shepard Community Hall, Calgary. The tour will be June 29th. Stay tuned for more information to follow in June.
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