Grasslands Education Kit

The Grasslands Education Kit is a package consisting of:

  • Two grasslands posters
  • Set of activity masters
  • Teacher's guide

Download: Grasslands Teacher Guide

The intent of the kit is to provide resource material focused at increasing students’ awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the native grassland ecosystem of Alberta. Students will be introduced to the history, biology, geography and even the economics of the grasslands. They will discover the diversity and value of life provided by our grasslands. A complete Grasslands
Education Kit includes:

Poster Front (Illustration) - The illustration is designed to introduce students to the flora, fauna, landscape features and human impact associated with the grasslands environment. It illustrates ecological relationships that occur and the effect of human intervention on the grasslands habitat.  

Poster Back (Content and Activities) - The activities and information on the poster back can be used in combination with the poster front. The activities connect to the sections outlined in the Teacher’s Guide.

Activity Masters: All the information on the poster back can be duplicated in unlimited quantities for non-profit educational use.

Teacher's Guide: The Teacher’s Guide provides background information, discussion questions and additional activities. The guide supplements the material presented in the poster.

Students will be introduced to 5 major areas of study related to Grasslands.

  • Features and Characteristics
  • Geological and Historical Connection
  • Biodiversity of Living Things
  • Human Impact
  • Management and Conservation
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