The PCF Education Committee strives to get people out onto the grasslands by providing opportunities to participate in different programs. In 2010, an opportunity arose to partner with the Helen Schuler Nature Center in Lethbridge on their community mapping project. The purpose of this project was to give participants the opportunity to experience diverse land-use perspectives in Southern Alberta first-hand, form a better understanding of  grassland ecosystems and their inherent biodiversity, explore the challenges of balancing economic, social and environmental needs within a community, and to discover how to portray and share their values in creative, collaborative maps. Six different groups participated in the project, and the PCF specifically worked with a group of Junior Forest Rangers from the Blood Indian Reserve to focus on the grasslands. We took them on a two-day field trip and visited sites between Lethbridge and Waterton. The participants were encouraged to take photos, write down quotes from speakers, draw, write, etc. The results of their work were then compiled into the following video. We hope you enjoy it! 

The PCF education committee recorded a short interview with Juanita Tallman, an interpreter at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, about the grasslands and some of the history of the Blackfoot First Nations Peoples.


The following video is a compilation of photos of some of the wildlife species at risk in Alberta. If you would like more information about species at risk in Alberta, please visit the Alberta Sustainable Resource Development website or the Multiple Species at Risk Program website.

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