Transboundary Grasslands Partnership

Vision: Working collaboratively to sustain healthy transboundary native biodiversity and the supporting grassland ecosystems and communities.


The Transboundary Grasslands Partnership (TGP) is a voluntary collaborative partnership working towards native grasslands conservation. The TGP will provide a forum where transboundary jurisdictions and sectors work collaboratively to conserve and enhance native grassland landscapes. The partnership will operate under three guiding principles:

-       Enhance- the health and function of native grasslands, by building on successes and challenges and awareness amongst the partners,

-       Create-  working towards collaborative actions that address gaps in transboundary native grassland conservation, and

-       Connect- acknowledging and improving transboundary communications, relationship building, education, cooperation and messaging between partners, Tribes and First Nations and interested organizations and individuals.

Transboundary Grasslands Partnership Terms of Reference



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