Transboundary Grasslands Workshop

January 11, 2017 - January 13, 2017

Days Inn, Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Developing Transboundary Capacity for Community-based Prairie Conservation

The second Transboundary Grasslands Workshop was a great success. The workshop was held in Swift Current, Saskatchewan  on January 11 -13, 2017.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

AGENDA:Developing Transboundary Capacity for Community based Prairie Conservation

2017 Transboundary Grasslands Workshop Summary Report

2017 Transboundary Workshop Survey Results



January 11th, 2017

Kainai Ecosystem Protection - Marsha Heavy Head

SK Treaty Four - Nature Conservancy Canada Learning the Land Program - Jennifer McKillop

Bison Conservation and Treaty Hunting - Gordon Vaadeland

Iitaapiskoo - Roy Fox

January 12th, 2017

Transboundary Grassland Partnership - What is it? - Ian Dyson

Conservation Efforts by Communities

Ranchers Stewardship Alliance in SK - Orin Balas

Ranchers Stewardship Alliance in MT - Kelsey Molloy

Sustainable Canada Association in SK and AB - Randy Stokke

Conservation Districts in MT (Jenifer Anderson and Jeff Pattison) 

Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association - Jeff Bectell

Sustainable Beef Roundtables

Canadian Sustainable Beef Roundtable - Monika Hadarits

American Sustainable Beef Roundtable - Nancy Labbe

Species At Risk

Draft Species at Risk Act Policy Changes - Mark Wayland

Sage Grouse Initiative - Lite Version - Robin Bloom, Miles Anderson and Stefano Liccioli


The first Transboundary Grasslands Workshop was held on January 19-20th in Elkwater, AB. The workshop was successful at bringing together government and non-government agencies, landowners and academia to discuss transboundary grassland initiatives across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Montana.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Become familiar with the broad scope of work and accomplishments of large landscape conservation trans-boundary collaboratives.
  2. Review the status of existing trans-boundary grassland initiatives with focus on successes, challenges and outcomes.
  3. Discuss existing jurisdictionally-based environmental, land use and natural resource management priorities and challenges.
  4. Identify potential topics where new or enhanced trans-boundary collaboration may result in better outcomes.

Workshop Materials:

Transbounday Workshop Summary

Transboundary Workshop Agenda

Workshop Outcomes Summary

Transboundary Participant List

Transboundary workshop contact list

Speaker Biographies

Workshop Survey:

Transboundary Workshop Survey

Transboundary Workshop Survey Summary

Grassland Initiatives  - Click on this link to see grassland initiatives. Please feel free to make edits where there are items missing.


Lines in the Grass - Bill Dolan

Grassland Conservation - Karen Raven

Grassland Conservation - Kayla Balderson-Burak

Protected Areas:Interprovincial Park Story - Peter Swain

NGO Landscape Conservation Efforts - Jeff Nelson

NGO Landscape Conservation Efforts - Kelly Williamson

The Northern Sagebrush Initiative - Joel Nicholson

Erasing Political Boundaries of Watersheds - Tim Romanow

Large Landscape Conservation: Holistic Approaches – Ian Dyson

Invasive Weeds - Kelly Cooley

Biocultural Diversity in Large Landscape Conservation on the Great Northern Plains - Paulette Fox

Innii Initiative: The Return of the Buffalo - Video


Northwest Glaciated Plains General Land Cover

Great Plains Ecological Regions

Alberta Natural Regions and Native Prairie

High Value Native Biodiversity Landscapes - Alberta


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