4th Annual Transboundary Grasslands Workshop

"Connecting the Dots"

December 3-5, 2018

Heritage Hall, Lethbridge Exhibition Park

Lethbridge, Alberta


4th Annual TGP Workshop Agenda

December 4th Presentations:

Bill Dolan - Going Forward: Sustaining a Transboundary Partnership

Livio Fent - State of the Prairie

Anne Smith: Remote Sensing Tools in Grasslands

Jurisdicational Update: Montana - Kevin Ellison

Jurisdictional Update: Alberta - Sasha Harriott

Jurisdictional Update: Saskatchewan - Diego Steinaker

MULTISAR - Katheryn Taylor and Kristen Rumbolt Miller

Megan Van Emon - Rangeland Drought Resilience 

Keynote Speaker: Dan Johnson - Jungle in the Grass

Presentations with Audio

Bill Dolan - Going Forward: Sustaining a Transboundary Partnership

Anne Smith - Remote Sensing Tools in Grasslands

Megan Van Emon - Rangeland Drought Resilience 

Katheryn Taylor and Kristen Rumbolt Miller - MultiSAR

Livio Fent - State of the Prairie

Sasha Harriott - Alberta Jurisdictional Update



3rd Annual Transboundary Grasslands Workshop

February 13-15, 2018

Cottonwood Inn, Glasgow, Montana

Transboundary Grasslands Conservation: Challenges and Solutions 

The 3rd Transboundary Grasslands Workshop took place on February 13-15, 2018 in Glasgow, MT. The workshop was a great success with participants attending from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Montana. Thanks to everyone that attended.

2018 Workshop Agenda

TGP Work Plan Notes

Transboundary Grasslands Partnership Workshop 2018 Notes

2018 Transboundary Grasslands Workshop Survey Responses



Montana programmatic candidate conservation agreement with assurances

Climate challenges facing northern grasslands and ranching

Beef Breakout Slides

PCF 2016-2017 Annual Report

State and Change of Land Cover in the Grassland and Parkland Regions of Alberta: An Analysis from 1984 to 2016 - Ron McNeil, Alberta Prairie Conservation Forum

Grassland Ownership Trends and Community Resilience - Julia Haggerty, Montana State University

Climate Challenges Facing Northern Grasslands and Ranches - Paul Stoy, Montana State University

Identification, Challenges & Opportunities in Wildlife Connectivity Across the Northern Great Plains Region

Bringing Community and Conservation Together in Montana - Leo Barthelmess, Ranchers Stewardship Alliance

The Matador Ranch Grassbank: Conservation and Collaboration- Charlie Messerly, The Nature Conservancy,

Cows and Fish: Lessons Learned From Supporting 25 years of Proactive Riparian Stewardship - Norine Ambrose, Cows and Fish

Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances - Catherine Wightman MT FWP

New and Emerging Solutions - Annie Carlson, FarmLink

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park's Grassland Initiative

Great Plains Grassland Assessment - Kevin Barnes/Sean Fields/Casey Stemler, USFWS Prairie Pothole Joint Venture

Science brief: Modeling Grassland Bird Habitat Relationships across the Transboundary Region

Blackfoot Process Slide

2018 Transboundary Grasslands Workshop Video - produced by the Montana Bureau of Land Management






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