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Photo by Leta Pezderic

Working TOGETHER for Prairie Conservation

The Prairie Conservation Forum was established by the Government of Alberta in 1989 to convey Alberta's support and commitment to implementing the Prairie Conservation Action Plan (PCAP). The PCAPs are five year blueprints for conserving, protecting and managing native prairie and parkland species, communities and habitats, and was initiated by the World Wildlife Fund, Canada and the provincial governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta to offer a prairie-wide vision for the preservation of Canada's prairies. Alberta's PCAP is prepared by a committee of PCF members that represent government and non-government organizations in Alberta.

Photo By Gordon Court

Photo By Gordon Court

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a process, working together is success." ~ Henry Ford


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Native Prairie Vegetation Inventory and Grassland Vegetation Inventory

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Only 48% of native vegetation remains in Alberta’s Grassland Natural Region and only 20% of native vegetation remains in Alberta’s Parkland Natural Region.

PCF Vision

The biological diversity of native prairie and parkland ecosystems is secure under thoughtful and committed stewardship of all Albertans.

PCF Mission

The Prairie Conservation Forum is open to all organizations that support and have an interest in achieving the PCAP Vision and who are willing to apply the PCF’s Guiding Principles. The Vision will be achieved by:

  • defining desired biodiversity outcomes and measuring progress towards outcomes;
  • acquiring and sharing data, information and knowledge;
  • advancing understanding and increasing awareness of the native prairie and parkland landscape and its interdependence with the social and economic needs of society;
  • collaborating to enhance the conservation and compatible use of native prairie and parkland landscapes; and
  • maintaining the stability and building the capacity of the Prairie Conservation Forum.

Photo by Sasha Harriott

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