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Meet Our Team

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing and facilitating the implementation of the Prairie Conservation Action Plan and in setting out a process for achieving defined plan outcomes.

Two part-time Coordinators conduct the day-to-day business of the PCF, focus members on the PCAP and take a lead role in ensuring that the goals of the PCF are met.

Committees may be established whenever there is a clear and ongoing need to focus PCF efforts around a specific strategy or activity.

The PCF operates by consensus and is not an advocacy organization.

Neal Wilson Vice Chairperson

Neal Wilson - Chairperson

Antelope Creek Ranch

Rylee Hewitt Stewardship Manager, Southern Alberta Land Trust Society

Rylee Hewitt

Stewardship Manager, Southern Alberta Land Trust Society

Peg Strankman

Barbwire Consulting

Alvin First Rider

Environmental Researcher, Blood Tribe Land Management

Len Wolstenholme

Senior Advisor, External Relations at Wilder Institue/Calgary Zoo

Megan Jensen

Natural Area Manager, Nature Conservancy Canada

Everett Hanna

Lethbridge College

Stefano Liccioli

Alberta Environment and Protected Areas

Nolan Ball

Special Areas

PCF Coordinators

KTaylor - Coordinator

Katheryn Taylor

Prairie Conservation Forum Coordinator

Sasha Harriott

Prairie Conservation Forum Coordinator