Grasslands Restoration Forum Webinar


Targeted or prescriptive grazing can be defined as the use of a specified kind of livestock at a determined season, duration, and intensity to accomplish defined vegetation and landscape goals. The Prescriptive Grazing for Vegetation Management in Natural Landscapes project is an ongoing multipartnership project designed to provide recommendations for land managers, livestock producers, and livestock grazing practitioners involved in implementing targeted
grazing programs.

Join us February 24 between 12 and 1pm MST for a webinar which will focus on guidelines for preparing grazing prescriptions specific to targeted grazing programs. The recommended guidelines presented are based on an extensive literature review and interviews conducted by Sue Michalsky of Paskwa Consulting Ltd. and Amanda Miller of Palouse Rangeland Consulting. Sue and Amanda will present the findings and there will be opportunity for questions and input from participants. There is no charge for the webinar but donations are gratefully accepted.

Funding for this event has been provided by the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation.

Past Webinars

Testing Management Intensive Cattle Grazing as a Restorative Tool in Semi-Arid Rangelands – Kristi Gordon

Management-intensive grazing (MiG) has recently become more recognized as a land management tool. Our research tests both MiG and traditional grazing practices for their ability to restore native, semi-arid rangeland that has been invaded by the plant spotted knapweed (Centaurea stoebe).

Connecting Corridors Webinar

With the generous support of our Saskatchewan PCAP Partners the webinar provided an opportunity for 60 participants including workshop invitees as well as other interested parties from the PCF/PCAP networks to hear about the following projects: