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Within fragmented landscapes there exist small, isolated pockets of ecological refugia that may be as important for native biodiversity conservation as larger prairie and parkland landscapes. Collectively, these smaller areas offer waypoints or refuge for migrating wildlife or serve as an oasis for species at risk. With increasing habitat fragmentation on the landscape, these isolated parcels need to be identified and studied, and for stewardship to be promoted where required.

Approaches and actions within the 2021-2025 PCAP are to define isolated habitats/fragments through a literature review of habitats important to native prairie obligates or species at risk, to identify locations of isolated native prairie habitats by utilizing existing GIS datasets, and to identify the value of these isolated parcels.

Ord's Kangaroo Rat by Gordon Court

Photo By Gordon Court                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ord’s Kangaroo Rat, a species at risk in Alberta that lives in sand dune habitat.

Isolated Native Habitats Documents

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