Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in the 2021 Virtual Grazing School. For those that were not able to participate three out of the four sessions are recorded and listed below.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!!

Virtual Grazing School – Session 3

Weed Ecology, Control and Species of Concern in Alberta – Catherine Tarasoff and Megan Evans

Virtual Grazing School – Session 2

Interpreting and Applying Stocking Rates on Rangelands – Ross Adams


Virtual Grazing School – Session 1

Tame Grass on Native Grasslands: Risks and Opportunities, Ross Adams



Mental Health in Agriculture: 7 Essential Strategies for Building Resiliency

Webinar: Join Jeff Couillard in an interactive evening presentation where you will learn strategies to set healthy boundaries, build a support system and prioritize wellness.

Self-Assessment Survey

Self-Care Workbook