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The biological diversity of native prairie and parkland ecosystems is secure under thoughtful and committed stewardship of all Albertans.


The Prairie Conservation Forum is open to all organizations that support and have an interest in achieving the PCAP Vision and who are willing to apply the PCF’s Guiding Principles. The Vision will be achieved by:

  • defining desired biodiversity outcomes and measuring progress towards outcomes;
  • acquiring and sharing data, information and knowledge;
  • advancing understanding and increasing awareness of the native prairie and parkland landscape and its interdependence with the social and economic needs of society;
  • collaborating to enhance the conservation and compatible use of native prairie and parkland landscapes; and
  • maintaining the stability and building the capacity of the Prairie Conservation Forum.


The Prairie Conservation Forum believes that the PCAP Vision will only be realized if important strategic or long-term environmental outcomes can be achieved. These outcomes must be closely linked to management and planning decisions by all levels of government and private land owners. These outcomes are closely connected to existing functional ecosystems in prairie and parkland Alberta. Three long term outcomes will be the focus of the PCF:

Photo By Gordon Court

Maintain Large Native Prairie and Parkland Landscapes

  • The existence of intact and fully functioning native prairie and parkland landscapes in Alberta are the best guarantor of future regional biodiversity and environmental quality.

Conserve Connecting Corridors for Biodiversity

  • Habitat connectivity is essential to maintain native biodiversity and ecosystem function. The conservation and restoration of important corridors will help to maintain functional native prairie and parkland landscapes.

Protect Isolated Native Habitats

  • Within fragmented landscapes there exist small, isolated pockets of ecological refugia that may be as important for native biodiversity conservation as larger prairie and parkland landscapes. These need to be identified, studied, and possibly protected.
Prairie Conservation Action Plan Map

Guiding Principles

  1. Management responsibilities for native prairie and parkland fall primarily on public agencies (i.e., Federal, Provincial and Local Governments), First Nations and private landowners. The PCF will only support and facilitate discussions concerning actions that contribute positively to the Vision and Mission of the PCF.
  2. The PCF will facilitate networking, information exchange and discussion amongst member organizations and with other jurisdictions outside of Alberta.
  3. Partnership activities are based on the belief that the social and economic benefits which are derived from prairie and parkland ecosystems are dependent on the ecological health of these systems. Therefore, management strategies will be promoted that ensure the ongoing health of these ecosystems.
  4. The PCF Partnership draws together diverse opinions and approaches to ecosystem management. To best ensure the development of collaborative and effective solutions, the Partnership will interact in a manner that is respectful of that diversity.
  5. PCF members will strive to implement PCF programs and activities in their respective organizations in support of the PCF Vision.
  6. The Vision can only be achieved by the efforts of many, including the PCF itself and its member organizations, accompanied by effective working relationships with others who share the vision.
  7. The PCF supports the equitable sharing of social and economic costs and the benefits of maintaining native biodiversity and ecological services among all segments of society.